Cornerstone’s HerStory

In 1983 Cornerstone Housing for Women began with three cots in the basement of All Saints Church, in Sandy Hill, the first women's only shelter in Ottawa. Our story began with the support of the Church and it continues with our membership in the Community Ministries of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa.

Cornerstone has grown significantly over the years to address the gap in services for women’s only programs and emergency shelter. We now provide shelter to 125 women and supportive housing to 110 women across our five housing communities in Ottawa.

We have more than 85 staff and almost 200 extraordinary volunteers who provide on-site support and refer women to local resources. Last year, we provided more than 172,000 nourishing meals across all of our programs.

At Cornerstone, we believe that women deserve the chance to heal in peace, and to live with dignity. With your help, we’re making Ottawa a better, safer place for women.

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