Meet Brenda

Being homeless is a fight for your life each day.

But now I have a home of my own. The first day I walked into my new home that was all mine, I didn’t know what to do because I had a home now.

I just couldn’t believe I was there and I didn’t have to go out and pan and I didn’t have to struggle for a piece of clothing or food or whatever. I had a home. I was safe and I was okay."

Read more about how you helped me get my life back.

Please consider making a special holiday gift and help another woman find hope and housing this winter. Thank you.

Your kindness today will send a powerful message to women on the journey to healing and independence. It says: You are important, you are valuable – and I’m standing with you, no matter what.

Donate By Mail

To make a donation by mail, please fill out this form and mail to:

Attention: Amber Bramer, Cornerstone Housing for Women
314 Booth Street,
Ottawa, ON, K1R 7K2

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