Emergency Women's Shelter

I left home at 13, so I never finished high school. I can’t afford rent on minimum wage, even when I work full time. So, I’m staying at The Women’s Shelter. The shelter is helping me with computer skills and planning ahead. I’m feeling much more hopeful that this time, I’ll make it on my own.
  - Tara, 18, Women’s Shelter Resident

At our emergency shelter we meet women where they are at, we provide essential needs such as nutritious food, personal care items and shelter. Nobody wants to experience homelessness. Women find themselves at our shelter for a variety of reasons including: inability to pay rent due to poverty, the need for disability modified housing, newcomer status, or fleeing violence or abuse.

Our main goal for each of the women is to answer the question: “How can we help you find a safe place to live that you can afford?” Residents at the Women’s Shelter have a shared bedroom, along with washroom, dining and living rooms.

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